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"the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."


steve jobs

joel ledlow


Mr. Ledlow has over 25 years of executive-level business development, sales/ marketing, operations and finance experience with an emphasis on recognizing emerging markets and implementing smart, scalable best practices that significantly improve stakeholder value.


In 2004 Mr. Ledlow founded Acarra, investing in and working with numerous emerging and mid market technology companies to enable, accelerate, "turn around" and or focus their organizations for aggressive growth. These C level engagements include business planning & development, operational system development, product management and finance.


Technology clients include: authentium (sold to cyren / commtouch) | steel cloud (SCLD public to private) | scheduall | sentry data systems | prolexic (sold to akamai) | qqsolutions (sold to vertafore) | blancco / regenerisis software.


Prior to launching Acarra, Mr. Ledlow served as VP for CyberGuard Corporation (NASDAQ:CGFW) responsible for implementing a worldwide channel, federal and alliance growth divisions and exponentially growing top line revenues for the organization's largest global practice. During his tenure CyberGuard (OTC) became profitable, relisted on NASDAQ, revenues grew more than 400% and share price increased from $1.30 to over $12.


Ledlow earned his Bachelor's degree in Business from Lynn University and serves as a board member for numerous Florida technology companies. He has served on the boards of FIU School of Entrepreneurship, Internet Coast and as both President and Chairman of the South Florida Technology Alliance.


Mr. Ledlow is also an avid supporter of Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Toys for Tots and the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital


Mark Malis  CEO / QQSolutions software

(acquired by Vertafore)


“Joel is a natural born leader. I brought in Joel as a consultant to help increase revenue at a faster pace than we were currently growing. This was a holistic undertaking and meant process improvements across all departments to accommodate the expansion (sales, operations, services, development, support and staffing). We had a healthy business before engaging, but in just 4 months we were growing at a 40% growth rate with lower waste and improved operational / financial efficiencies across the organization.


Joel not only comes up with great ideas, but really brings a different perspective to our company – one that spurs great dialog as well as favorable results. I would highly recommend Joel to anyone looking to grow their business.”


Scott Hammack former CEO / Prolexic software

(acquired by Akamai)


“Joel is a very high energy leader. He displayed passion and energy that few individual have. He was a key contributor as a member of my executive team at Cyberguard responsible for significant sales growth and his help at Prolexic was timely, comprehensive and essential to our success. I highly recommend Joel to anyone looking for an inspirational leader.”


Mark Winter CIO/ Deluxe Entertainment worldwide /

board member ScheduALL


“I have worked with Joel for over 5 years, both as a customer and as a member of his board at ScheduALL. I believe Joel to be one of the most strategic and visionary executives I have ever come across in my career. He is quick to understand the critical business issues in the industry, communicate them to his customers and his organization. Then he has the executive ability to build a team and the planning to execute the vision.”


George Davis / Executive Director


"Joel is a highly focused executive who quickly navigated the global broadcast and post production industries to develop "game changing" products and services. On a personal note, Joel provided me the opportunity to make a career transition into a pure sales role. I will always appreciate his guidance and support."


Mike Antonovich SVP and GM, Americas / ATEME /

board member ScheduALL


I served on ScheduALL's Advisory Board, and I found Joel to be an insightful, thoughtful and highly skilled business leader. A very fine strategic thinker and student of the business and the marketplace, Joel's talents would be a valuable asset to any company.


Pete Nielsen Founder & COO / Authentium

(acquired by Commtouch)


“Joel is an excellent team leader and communicator. He can lay out a crystal clear short and long term strategy like no other, and I’ve seen him inspire a sales team through very difficult circumstances. Regardless of his actual responsibilities, Joel is a team player, ready to do whatever is needed to move things forward. His attitude is always upbeat, and his expectations for those around him are high. He is a real professional.”



Ron Antevy President /e-builder software


“Joel is one of those rare senior executives that is the complete package – he is visionary and a strategic thinker but also possess the leadership skills to inspire people and ultimately execute on the vision. He also has a great deal of experience and can benefit anyone that is growing or looking to grow a technology company. I appreciate his advice and friendship and would highly recommend Joel.”


Ward Carter Chairman / Corum Group / Investment Banking


“Joel is a highly focused technology executive with the street smarts to do the right things at the right time. I interacted with Joel on several strategic M&A initiatives, and he consistently demonstrated the ability to navigate complex and fast moving situations, and make timely and well-founded decisions for this company and shareholders.”


Pat Clawson CEO / Blancco Technology - Regeneris software


“Joel entered our business with a passion for educating our people to impact performance. He rapidly absorbed the responsibility of driving consistency and quality into our global sales and channel programs. He changed our company. Joel is a terrific leader and mentor…”


Rich Wolf Executive Vice President / The Switch


“I have had the privilege of knowing Joel during his executive leadership of the ScheduALL business for over 5 years. Under his leadership, Joel led the company through significant growth, assuring his team was laser-focused on delivering a high quality product that always drove a sound business proposition for his customers. With his keen intelligence, solid work ethic, proven track-record and a commitment to listen to his clients, Joel’s senior executive qualities are a definite recipe for success.”


Dennis Ward Regional Director / ScheduALL


“Joel is a brilliant chief executive who not only understands technology but has the ability to clearly determine the current business problem/situation and compile and implement what needs to be done to correct or fine tune and deliver exponential growth. Joel is exceptional at analyzing business problems and devising and implementing appropriate plans to effect success. Utilizing all resources and strategies to accomplish goals while enriching the people who perform with and for him is only one of Joel's talents. Learning from Joel has made me a more successful sales manager and better understand the climate for success.”


Dennis Custage / Principal at Liquid Capital


“Joel has been a good resource for ideas related to start-ups. He is a high-energy entrepreneur with excellent interpersonal skills and knows how to deliver results for his clients.”



Chuck Schaeffer former CEO / Aplicor software


“Few times do you encounter a senior executive with the leadership, passion, drive and experience to confidently predict success in technology ventures. My encounter with Joel Ledlow is one of these times. I've been fortunate to liaise and strategize with Joel. Each time I come away more impressed than the prior. He is a truly unique leader and fully capable of achieving business success even in the most trying circumstances.”



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