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designing business systems for scale since 2004.

Acarra (ah-kah-rah): a vehicle


investing in and operating mid tier disruptive technology companies


simplify - focus - scale


start with why

because helping that one business owner develop one great idea that changes the way the world thinks and operates is a fantastic way to live my life out loud.


because right now, software is the oil fields of the 21st century. The commercial, economic and social impact available is mind blowing.


because the amount of information, collaboration and a connectedness available to us and the speed at which ideas can manifest into reality present a whole new world with fantastic possibilities.

it’s not rocket science…our secret sauce


we select only the best companies, teams and investors. Client partners who are curious, capable and serious about improving on their success.


we invest early through discovery and produce clear diagnostics on existing goods, gaps and future potential.


we demand mutual commitment. We engage, are accountable and deliver as part of your executive team against defined objectives.


we say no early and often to “almost”. Concentration is a key differentiator and why we pass on underdeveloped opportunities. 


we listen we learn, you listen we learn - together we win.

client partner profile

mid-tier disruptive software

$5m-$50m in annualized sales

$1m-$10m in profitability or in transition

domain expertise

engagement options

retained services

performance based incentives

equity investment


investor profile

private equity | technology expert

deal size $10m-$100m

3-5 year exit approach

consulting rates

$500 per hour / $3500 per day

$1500 per speaking engagement

free initial consultation

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